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Child Dedication on Saturday, May 12, 2018 @ 7:00 PM

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*Completion of a class from the Family Life Parenting Series is required to participate. Parenting Series includes:
Parenting Foundations (formerly Parenting 101), Parenting: Three to Tween, and Parenting: Teens and Beyond
*Which class from the Family Life Parenting Series have you taken? (Completion of a class is required to participate).:
*When did you take the class? (Ex: Spring 2016):
*Child's First Name:
*Child's Middle Name:
*Child's Last Name:
*Child's Gender:
*Child's Date of Birth:
*Parent(s) first name(s):
*Parent(s) last name(s):
Parent(s) address (if different than above):
Parent(s) email (if different than above):
*Do you have a prayer partner chosen?:
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